We have two tabby cats. Mitsy is ten years old and we have had her since she was eight weeks! She is "Miss Independent" and spends most of her time sleeping on her bed, or watching people walking by whilst sitting like Lady Muck on top of our wall. Mitsy loves a good tickle on her face (as long as it's on her terms). She grew up with two of our rabbits and often shared their water when playing in the garden. Now she likes to drink out of the bird bath!!


Buttons arrived Nine years ago. She was a rescue kitten, found abandoned in a car park in Sherborne. It was heart breaking looking at all the cats that needed rehoming but little Buttons chose us. She is another tabby so fits in very well.

Buttons is very timid and loves nothing more than having a cuddle on our laps or snuggling in bed at night. She doesn't like the "outside" and will only go in the garden if we do! She loves to play with Coco and we often hear paws crashing around upstairs and glimpses of the two of them chasing each other around the house.


Coco is the newest addition to the family; a black cockapoo . She is four years old, and we have had her since eight weeks. She certainly keeps us on our toes and has become a constant shadow, following us everywhere. She loves nothing more than a cuddle and going to her groomer for a pamper session.